Daily Horoscope

Jupiter and Mars make a great aspect today which could bring some good news for your finances Virgo. You have had a tough time of it since 2011 and now this starts to turn around. By 2019 your financial future will look completely different and on a day like today it may be that you get news of something like a windfall. If you want to do something like buy a lottery ticket then this could be the moment when you finally strike it lucky so make sure you take some chances today. The money could come rolling in Virgo!
Money matters come to the fore again today Virgo and this is a great time for you to think some of these through. The issue now is that you have had a difficult time with your finances in recent years and now you need to look at how you are going to sort some of these out. Fortunately we have Venus in Gemini now which will help you to get talking so you may want to plan a chat with a financial advisor or similar who can give you some advice on how to untangle some of your money matters now.
You could have issues with those close to you today Virgo and this may well be linked to money. The way that you spend money is so tightly wound up with other people and unfortunately it may be that you need to break this cycle once and for all. If people have been borrowing from you or spending your money without asking then now could be the time when you need to put your foot down and tell them that enough is enough. You are quite conflict averse Virgo but everyone needs to speak up at some point – even you!

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