Daily Horoscope

You have had some healing to do over the past few months Scorpio and now you get the chance to do some more work on this. We have a Jupiter and Mars aspect today which helps you to put things in perspective and you could even get some kind of cosmic breakthrough under these helpful skies. If that is the case then you need to get on this as quickly as possible and seize whatever offers of help or opportunities to rebuild come your way today. Look at this as the start of a bright new future for you Scorpio!
The Planet of Love, Venus, now moves into the sign of Gemini and this sees you thinking about all the things that are important to you Scorpio. Actually this has been an overarching theme for much of April and your values have been in the spotlight. This could be linked to work and it seems as if you are thinking about your place in the world now and where you fit in. You may want to make some changes and fortunately chatty Gemini will allow you to finally verbalize some of these Scorpio. So start thinking and definitely start talking!
There is a feeling now that things are a little more spirited than they were at the start of the month and this is a time for you to start steering your ship in the right direction Scorpio. As the pace picks up, this could all get rather exciting and you may also be thrown some surprises now that bring opportunities out of the blue. This could apply to the structure of your life in general and how you manage things on a day to day basis and the changes you implement now could be life changing. So much will soon be possible!

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