Daily Horoscope

Your work life has been stressful this month Pisces but now you get a cosmic break from the heavens. The reason for this is the Jupiter and Mars aspect today and this allows you to relax and see things with a little perspective. As Jupiter is such a supportive planet you may also find that you have a breakthrough now and that this is very helpful when it comes to a work issue you have been struggling with throughout the month. Suddenly it all becomes much clearer for you – starting now Pisces. But you also have to keep your eyes peeled for signs of improvement.
You have issues now around your job Pisces and this could somehow be linked to a romantic partner, or a partnership of some kind at the very least. Now you get the chance to figure some of this out and as we have Venus moving into Gemini you will find it easier to talk through issues you have. It could be that someone in your work life wants to move on but you can easily sort things out now as long as you put in the effort. So don't be scared to start talking about all of this now Pisces.
There could be some low level drama in your life now Pisces and with that in mind you would do well to withdraw. This is your modus operandi anyway but now you should retreat more than ever and not get involved. There is a suggestion that everything swirling around you now will not affect you directly and so with that in mind there is really no need for you to take a stand or get in the way of people who are trying to be difficult. Just leave them be and rise above any of the petty politics you come across now.

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