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Love has been on your mind for a while Libra particularly with someone who is so special to you but who also may be a bit of an enigma. Much of April has been about trying to figure out this strange relationship the two of you have but this could also mean that you have been worried about where this is actually going. Now, thanks to a Jupiter and Mars aspect, you could get a romantic breakthrough and it will be a lot clearer how you two can work things out for the future. It is a lucky and romantic day for you so make the most of it Libra!
You are the sign that is linked to love Libra and now we have Venus, your ruler, moving into the sign of Gemini. This puts you in a reflective mood and makes you think about your relationships in more detail. If you have had some relationship stumbling blocks then now is the time when you could start to find some solutions to these as Gemini allows you to start talking with more honesty than you have in the past. The end of April could bring with it some breakthroughs in relationships starting now and this will be a welcome relief from the start of the month!
Your dreams are front and center of your life now Libra which may seem like a strange thing for you. The issue is that you are a very sensible sign and you prize analysis and logic above all other things, being ruled by the Sign of the Scales. The thing is however that your intuition and your dreams could be trying to tell you something very important so you may want to start a dream journal so that you can really try and understand what you subconscious is trying to tell you! You may just find that it leads to a big breakthrough.

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